Introducing Gotham

Posted on by Ricardo N Feliciano

It’s my pleasure to introduce to the world our static site generator (SSG), Gotham! The web is constantly becoming more advanced and we believe in tools that keep up with modern technology and use cases. Gotham is an open source SSG that is low level enough for developers, flexible enough for power users, yet is intuitive and feature baked for marketers, bloggers, and more. You can download it now or continue learning more below.

The Past

Gotham wasn’t written from scratch. There’s no way we could have such a great project built so fast if we did. Instead, Gotham is a backwards compatible soft fork of Hugo. We started with the feature and performance DNA of Hugo, layering on brand new features, including low hanging fruit that make users smile. We are also building a suite of related tools and resources around it.

We’re excited for the opportunity to show you our take on the modern static site generator.

The Present

Today we have Gotham v0.10.0 which was released 2 days ago. It’s stable, very fast, and already providing great value to users (including us). Here’s some sites already building with Gotham:

Gotham v0.10.0 is completely backwards compatible with Hugo v0.79.0 extended, meaning if you have an existing Hugo site, you need to simply download and install Gotham to start using it with your current website. In terms of what features and changes that have been uniquely added to Gotham, this list can be found on the Features Page.

The Future

While we announce Gotham today, we’ve already been working on it for months and we still have tons more to do. The plan of getting Gotham to v1.0 involves not the development (Gotham is already stable) but the resources surrounding it. We’re going to put a lot of time and effort into filling out the Gotham Docs website with all of the content it needs. It’s an area we’re currently lacking in. There is also effort in the theming space to make it easier for users to find the themes they’re looking for as well as share the ones they have made.

Like What We’re Doing?

If this sounds exciting or interesting to you, you can stay informed on what we’re doing at GothamHQ in a few ways:

You can also get involved and contribute on GitHub by opening Issues or submitting pull requests (PRs).