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Gotham v0.12.0 Released

Posted on by Ricardo N Feliciano
Happy 2021 everyone! Our first release of the year dropped on the twelfth day of the year, Gotham v0.12.0. The highlight for this release is the inclusion of Hugo v0.80.0 which brings in Dart SASS as a replacement for LibSASS. Get Gotham v0.12.0 Instructions on how to get Gotham v0.12.0 can be found on the Downloads Page.

Introducing Gotham

Posted on by Ricardo N Feliciano

It’s my pleasure to introduce to the world our static site generator (SSG), Gotham! The web is constantly becoming more advanced and we believe in tools that keep up with modern technology and use cases. Gotham is an open source SSG that is low level enough for developers, flexible enough for power users, yet is intuitive and feature baked for marketers, bloggers, and more. You can download it now or continue learning more below.

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